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Originally Posted by waffles View Post
Location: Mainly Crandon, I just got a weekend job with Miami Kiteboarding so I spend my weekends there.
My girlfriend has a place in the Keys (mile marker 64) so I ride there when I can.
Had my first takes in Oregon (the gorge)
Another Crandon rider & one that PT's at Miamikiteboarding, Perhaps you could tell me the best time to hook up w/ Christophe so I could take/complete my IKO III cert and ride Crandon w/you all

Mile Marker 64: Long Key? Wherever it is in the Keys, it's gotta be good

The Gorge: Heck of a place to have your first try @ Kiteboarding, I'll bet the scenery is incredible

Originally Posted by RickI View Post
I started kitesurfing in Boca Raton and have been trying to figure it out for the last 8 ½ years. I spend most of my time at the beach in the waves by choice. I've gone through almost 50 kites since the summer of 1998.
Looking for one of those jet-assisted kites for my next quiver.
My pleasure Rick, Anything to breath some life into the SE section and perhaps bring a few fellow kiters together for some GR8 riding & Memories

8.5 years ~Right On~ your defiantly from the school of hard knocks then. Glad your still here and riding with us!

I'll NEVER forget my hot launch days on a 2 line Cab Co2 (That’s what they told beginners in those days (2001), 2 line kites were easer to learn on) I'm glad I'm still here and riding w/you.

I also prefer the Ocean & Surf. I can't say that was the case in the beginning.
Although Butter flat water is nice every now and then.

Jet assisted kite~ That WP11 should be pretty darn close
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