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Default Cabrinha Kites?

The second kite I owned was a 2001 Cabrinha Blacktip 21.5m C kite. They made the bladders with a material that was defective. After about three sessions on the kite, every bladder leaked. As I did not buy the kite from a local Cabrinha dealer, Cabrinha would not warranty the bladders. They did sell me a complete bladder replacement set at cost. I became adept at removing and placing bladders. I was not too happy with Cabrinha and decided to switch to Airush and later to Best when the bow or SLE kites came out around 2006.

In 2010 I decided to switch back to Cabrinha and purchased a 16m Xbow from Watersports West. After 3 months a strut bladder (second from the tip) blew out. WSW would not replace the bladder under warranty. When they contacted Cabrinha, all they would do it offer to sell me a complete replacement set. They would not even sell me the strut bladder that needed replacing, only a complete set which was ridiculous. So I found the Bladder Man and he sold me a new bladder for $23 delivered. The bladder is still holding air to this day as well as all the other bladders.

Needless to say I am not happy with Cabrinha or WSW. I am looking to replace my quiver of four kites (2010 16 Xbow, 2009 14 HP Nemesis, 2010 11m Xbow and 2009 9m Yarga hybrid) at this time but am not considering Cabrinha. For me they did nothing to support their product.

Perhaps I will switch back to Best or try the foils (Flysurfer).
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