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and the results ...

1st place college freestyle/slider - Matt Sexton and Oliver Berlic, Tie
2nd place college freestyle/slider - Trip Hobbs
3rd place college freestyle/slider - Alex Moore
Best Trick - Chase Kosterlitz (Batwing to Beer Grab off the LF party island)
Worst Wipeout - Kiteloop to snapped Tibia

1st place boarder-x I - Damien Thomas
2nd place boarder-x I - Mike Hall
3rd place boarder-x I - Sean Keating

1st place boarder-x II - Billy Parker
2nd place boarder-x II - Mike Hall
3rd place boarder-x II - Matt Sexton

Top Seeded Collegiate Boarder-x Riders
1. Matt Sexton
2. Oliver Berlic

including a great deal of fun had by all.

See you next year!
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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