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You are welcome, thanks for organizing a fun event! Good to see you folks at K4G '07. Photos and writeup to come on that soon.

I took the high speed ferry from Miami to Key West over the weekend. It is a great way to go. Visited with Paul Menta, went out to the Flats with his speed boards to grab some anticipated pre-frontal strong winds. The winds were fresh, Paul hit 45 mph or so in winds around 20 mph. I maxed out close to 35 mph, the waves make it tough (all 3 to 5 inches of them). The speed boards are a different experience and intriguing to ride. The static electricity started to get intense and sign of lightning to follow as the wind ebbed a bit. The session was scrubbed before the wx got too narly. Photos to follow on the excellent ferry trip, outstanding dinner at Che Pauls' Grand Restaurant, flats session and a look at some out of the way spots on Bone Island.
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