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5 of us hit up Dunedin today. It was blowing a steady 18 knots with gusts into the 20's. We all didn't think it would be that strong or last for any decent we rigged a size larger 12-14M. After an hour or so I personally started to get blown off the water. That has happened in awhile for me. Wish I was on a 10M...but fun nonetheless. What a gorgeous day out there.

Got to take out the Ozone Edge 13M for a bit. Very different from anything I have flown.....absolutely zero bar pressure. The kite is tuggin on the harness....but no tug in the hands. It took a bit getting use to but very fun especially when the winds got light. In 8-10 knots and the SS Glide it was serious cruizin!!!! Kept finding myself oversheeting at times and impressed with the little physical effort it took to ride. Very cool. Scott...I can see why you like your 11M Ozone....that has got to be fun when the winds get juicy. Got to try a few jumps in the gusts and could tell the kite has some potential for some great hang time.

Also got to try the new Revolver from Cabrinha. 9M and the Glide. It was a game of limbo with the wind. Ground speed was hovering around 10mph and was still cruising upwind while gently working the kite. Craig gave it a go at 200lbs and he was cruising as well. My guess was the wind up top was around 15mph or so. Interesting part about the kite is that it has the fewest pulleys I have seen from Cabrinha in recent years. This is a wave dedicated kite with superfast speed and the beefiest construction Cab has designed. We knicknamed it the flea....again took some time getting use to. Would like to check it out is some solid wind.

Today was one of those jewels that surprise us and what makes kiting fun....the unknown. Makes up for all the skunks.

Hope the weekend continues to be productive....if today was an indicator of what is to come....we'll I won't speak too soon. It is Florida.....
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