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Default Free Diving Le Rubis

"Le Rubis" is a sunken Saphir-class minelaying 216 ft. submarine which served in the French Navy and Free French Navy during the Second World War. It was commissioned in 1931 and struck from the list in 1949. It was sunk as a sonar target that year. It is located in 41 m (135 ft) of water between Cavalaire and Saint-Tropez in the Mediterranean. More about this vessel at

The Free French crew on the Rubis in Dundee, Scotland after a patrol

An intriguing free diving video down to the Rubis. NOX Diving uses an interesting technique, overweighting to increase his speed of descent and then dropping his weight belt to a buoyed recovery line once at depth to ease his ascent. In both ways reducing exertion and increasing bottom time. He uses the GoPro "back camera" monopod technique for filming which I am fond of myself, placing the diver into the image field.

The Rubis moving into Cherbourg in the 1930s

An extensive video (in French) on the history of the submarine.

"Lieutenant de vaisseau Henri Rousselot at Rubis' periscope watched by Enseigne de vaisseau Hemar and Bacchus, the submarine's mascot. Bacchus went on all of Rubis' twenty-eight war patrols and was awarded the Valiant Dog's medal by the British Canine Defence League."

"Rubis limping back to Dundee after being heavily damaged during an attack on a German convoy off Norway in August 1941. As a result of the damage, she was unable to dive and had to cross an enemy minefield on the surface and in broad daylight...and all within easy range of enemy airfields. The British cruiser HMS CuraƧao led a rescue flotilla despatched from Scotland to escort the crippled submarine back to Dundee."

The remarkable underwater composite image shot by Nicolas Barraque. At 41 m, it was an intensive effort comprised of 80 images, shot at a distance of 10 m in 20 m visibility.

"Rubis photographed by the RAF while crossing an enemy minefield off Norway on the 23rd August 1941. RAF aircraft patrolled ahead of Rubis, signalling if they spotted any mines in the path of the badly damaged submarine."

A technical dive on the Rubis with some above water imagery of coastal features in the area.

There is quite a history of the Rubis at:

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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