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Default Laird, White Knuckle Extreme - Wow!!!

I finally watched Laird (White Knuckle Extreme). This is one great DVD with excellent videography and the big wave surfing is incredible. In hang gliding we have sky gods or really incredible flyers. Laird definitely deserves Wave God status. This guy is smooth and has incredible balance flying down monster waves.

I have included some stills captured from the DVD. The image quality stinks in these captured stills but of course the video is nice and clear. Almost makes you want to run out and tow into something massive and devistating at Jaws, almost!

The hydrofoil board appears to be a wakeboard with some kind of boot bindings (snowboard boots?), with a conventional "Skychair-like" metal foil bolted to the board.

The board rips very smoothly through the water. Because it has only one hydrofoil as opposed to two, it seems to turn well.


For more info checkout your local surf shop or

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