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Yep, who would have figured. Rick, it is very important to allow people to see posts from the tread attached. I called this out back in December. Remember that a student from a Pompano instructor was injured while being "taught" at Hobie Beach.

This new injury at Hobie was also a student. I understand that the student will make a full recovery, but that is beside the point. Rick, all Florida kiters need to stand up and defend our beaches from these illegal schools. All of these guys are very nice, etc., but they do not respond well to nice suggestions and warnings.

This latest injury was the last straw. I strongly urge any rider that witnesses schools teaching at Hobie to inform their students directly that they are in danger and that they should seek alternative instruction.

Schools were to help the developement of the sport, help us to preserve access, and teach new riders safely. Miami is a hot bed for these under cover schools teaching with out insurance in dangerous locations.

I hope that Paul Menta, someone from PASA, or IKO reads this post. It's time to call out the certified instructors that are obviously not qualified to teach.

Does anyone know exactly what school was responsible for this? I'd sure like to see a response from these guys to expain why they feel that Hobie is a good location for teaching. We need apologies and agreement from these guys that they will NOT TEACH AT HOBIE BEACH EVER AGAIN. Anything short of this is totally unacceptable.

Rick, please do the tricky stuff you do and toss my words up from the earlier post with the NPX give away for photos. I think that it is quite timely.

I'd like to see a few others weigh in on this. As I am obviously heavily invested in this industry, representing the largest brand in the world, but I must assume that others want to be able to continue to ride in Miami. How do we make this stop?

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