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A sea change in Stiltsville. The photo at the upper right was taken at a Cabrinha party in Stiltsville in 2005. A lot of great people were there including Pete Cabrinha himself. A brand new type of kite was introduced, a BOW kite, called Crossbow. It was a major departure from conventional four line LEI kites in so many ways. This was the first look I had at it along with most of the other folks present. Little did we know how far the concept would go and in far less than the elapsed dozen years to the present day. Performance, safety, wind range, so many factors jumped forward. I was tooling by the Miami Springs Power Boat Club stilthouse on my new Apollo kite recently where we had that party all those years ago and Kent Marinkovic's photo came to mind. Well done guys and Cabrinha. You can see a write up on that novel party at Thanks J Melissa Mejia and South Florida Kiteboarding for the ride to Stiltsville and loan of a big board. Great times, then and now!
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