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Skyway Scott
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Biz and Bob,

SWEET! I talked to Bob on the phone right after his sesh. He said he had a great time as well and I hope to see him out there today (with a Go-Joe for him :idea: ).

The great thing about then inlet when the tide is ripping is that 12 knots on the beach means 16 knots apparent once you hit the water and going upwind at 3 knots (against your will at times). It's pretty sweet, for sure.

Glad you had a blast. As Rick alluded too, be extra courteous and safe at Bahia Honda, as I am sure you are everywhere. :lol:

When you stopped by the shop Daryl, Rob and I were riding the Waroo Pro 11m and Instinct 13 just behind the shop. Hope to meet you out here on your next visit. I assume since you are hooked, that may be soon!
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