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Originally Posted by bob
So, does any1 ride on sweet water in FL?

I'd like to know if there's an alternative to costal living (and kiteboarding) in S.FL close to a good riding lake / river.
Well for those who haven't guessed yet, I'm looking for a new area to move to in FL but these hurricanes really make you want to stay inland!


Inland riding in Florida has some serious issues with gusty winds. Some guys do it but most I have talked to over the years drive to the coast.

Regarding hurricanes, low lying inland areas can flood as well. You could try to find a high lying coastal area 8 to 12 miles inland and might fare as well as anyone in many storm events.

Orlando is well inland and was hit four times by hurricanes last year. Pick a good spot to weather things but I wouldn't totally avoid high lying areas in the vicinity of the coast.
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