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Default Sunset Session

This summer has been better for breeze than some others. Just because it is blowing doesn't mean you can get going unfortunately. So, I was able to get out last evening for my first session in about five weeks. I decided to try out a small Quikpod with a GoPro HD2 with another on the helmet. The wind had been blowing nicely for hours despite none being forecast. There had been some isolated squalls on radar but they seemed to be moving NNE well inland and didn't seem to be a threat to the Hillsboro Inlet area.

Mugging for the camera. Lots of guys were at the launch grabbing some wind time.

Heading out and making north down the coast to the lighthouse.

Holding a monopod while kiting takes some getting used to. I need to come up with a protective padded bag for the camera so I can just let it hang on the wrist strap while riding. You get a lot of hand fatigue after a while from carrying it while manipulating the control bar for the kite.

Heading in closer to shore north of the cut.

The sun is down, the wind petering out a bit. Time to boogie south of the inlet and land fast before it dies all together. That shelf cloud had been in view but well inland and sliding north for sometime.
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