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TS Isaac is heading towards Florida. The models current disagree on how strong and where at this point. With tropical storm winds extending outward over 180 miles it will easily impact the entire state one way or the other. There will be lots of squalls in the feeder bands and eye wall predicted to develop. Lots of opportunities to mess yourself up in short kiting. The next few days are a good time to stay off the water unless you have the right gear and good experience in similar conditions. Regardless of experience, stay the hell out of and well away from squalls. That means you'll need to look for large enough holes, a few hours worth, if there are any. There may not be. This was the case with TS Fay in 2008. More about the resulting accident and uproar at:

In the meantime here's a look back at what we went through in 2004 in this magazine article. (ABOVE)

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Rick Iossi

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