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Skyway Scott
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I almost got one of the smaller ones for Donna, but her Ozone 7m has only 3 uses, so it'd be a waste.

I agree Tom. There is a night/day improvement in my mind as well from 07 to 08.
Otherwise I wouldn't have bought one.

I am sort of surprised that Best themselves don't say much about the improvements. They seem to downplay it.
I think maybe a lot of the 08 kites are better than the 07 kites, is what might be going on. Maybe Best knows it and doesn't want to claim to be the only company that showed huge improvements in kite performance this year (?).

I also think they don't need to say much anymore. People just buy them. They have a lot of momentum.
They use to be the kings of hype, to the point of annoyance when they first came out.
I use to get moderately pissed with their marketing claims and anyone that's been around for 5 years remembers all the forum fights I got into over it. The irony.

I really don't think it matters as much anymore. All the kites are converging upon similar plans (maybe divided into 3 main categories, like wave, high booster, and wake-style) and are getting good.
It use to be that one kite truly was noticeably better than another and a few really sucked. I think those days are probably gone.
I actually believe Bayflite now when he says "All kites rock". 5 years ago that was nothing but a load of crap. lol
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