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Skyway Scott
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I would try the second knot in from the furthest knot out for the rear line attachment, to start.
That is probably going to be a tad underpowered. If it is, you can move it one knot closer to the kite.

Don't put the rear line attachment on the knot closest to the kite to start. It's most likely to powered up in that position and might stall or be difficult to depower fully with the strap. It's possible the front lines might stretch out a bit over time, and you might have to move the rear line attachment further from the kite to compensate.

I am assuming you have the waroo bar.

Also, to be safe, try to tune it in sub 15 for the first launch, or bare minimum, tell your launcher to be ready to catch it instantly if you need to put it back down. Odds are very low something will go wrong out of the bag, but better safe than sorry. I really like to tune a kite in very light winds, one reason being you can define the tuning point of just past full power when the kite starts to fly backwards. The kite is going to do that in light wind and make it easier to determine that point of "too powered up" to the point of back stall.

This manual is pretty good.
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