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Default Strapless ...

Neil just sent this one in of Hamish, captioned "East at 15-20 Hamish at Tiki Beach. Photo Ian Hutchinson"

(Hey Neil if you have a larger file send it in and I'll put the larger image up)

I have a lot of good shots of Hamish going off unhooked and otherwise over the years. The one below came to mind, the time was early in 2003. Kite leashes were still for "kooks" or responsible riders depending on your outlook. Kites were flying off downwind frequently as a result threatening others and our access prospects.

Hamish showed another way and at the start of the wakestyle kiting movement. Guys don't want to be chasing their kites all day while trying to learn demanding tricks so a lot of pressure went on for leash development. I think Hamish was one of the first as captured in this photo from the 2003 Islamorada Invitational. It must have made an impression, I recall it had over 1800 hits worldwide in just 24 hours. Way to go and a positive move for the future of the sport!
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