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Originally Posted by RickI View Post
It would be great to stop east coast riders from adding to congestion and access concerns on the SW coast when good westerly winds are on.
This is what you said and this is what I reacted on. The SW coast. It wasnt specific to Marco Lagoon. Noel only referred him to the Naples area. I dont think he said go straight to Marco Lagoon.

Im still curious to know who the privelged ones are who get to ride the lagoon? Yes I know about and agree thee are access isues. But how do you manage that. Is there a lottery? And like I said, I bet 99% of the people that ride there do not live on Marco. So the question is, how did we seperate into east coast vs west coast. A west coast rider from Sarasota is still not on his local beach at Marco lagoon.

Thats all Im saying. I think it was a poor choice of wording. And Matheson is exactly like that. Tiny lagoon. Car traffic 2 feet from you. Kids and parents wading in the water 5 feet from you launching your kite. Public park. etc. I dont ride there much but I know the regulars there do a great job of keeping it in line. And they dont post a sign that says locals only. And that is one of the most crowded spots on an east wind because everywhere else is onshore in that direction.
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