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Default Beginner Looking for Riding Buddies

I'm a St. Pete area beginner and I'm looking for others who are either at my level, or don't mind me tagging along and giving me pointers. I'm working to buy a kite now (will have within the next month or so if all goes well) and couldn't be more stoked on getting started.

I've taken lessons and can currently water re-launch, ride in both directions (goofy & regular), water-start, do basic turns and stay upwind (still working on gaining ground upwind but I can at least stay in the same spot). I have yet to launch a kite from the beach myself (my instructor handled this when we launched) but I practiced and understand the steps that go in to setting-up and launching (but it'd be nice to get some tips for my first time solo).

Unfortunately I've got one of those full-time jobs you hear about but I'm free most weekends and can occasionally take off early from work if it's not too busy in the office.

Looking forward to joining the sport!
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