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I went to the cswy yesterday to check it out. On my why, i noticed that there were 4 riders that rigged just to the west of sailboards Miami (the windsurf truck). I stopped by and let them know that we really don't kite in this area and that Hobie was better anyway. The guys were really cool and were from the Mead St. area and didn't know. I'm sure next time they will ride at Hobie.

I got to Hobie to check it out. I must say that nearly everyone was kiting on the outside sand bar. I couldn't believe it. There were 1 or 2 people teaching, but at least one of the instructors took their student well away from the others and it was obvious that the guy had some riding experience. There were only really 2 guys f'ing up on the inside, but compared to normal it was very good.

I think that the main reason for the behavior change had more to do with the wind being mainly from the South and not the SW. At any rate, maybe we will be able to keep this place open.

If we don't want to end up like Ft. Lauderdale, please take the time to police your own beach. If you see someone doing something that is not acceptable, just let them know nicely. The guys from Hollywood were totally cool and just didn't know.

It looked like a killer day out there.
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