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Default Start foilboarding for $989 complete foil and board

Foilboarding has been gaining popularity over the last few years because of the amazing sensation of hovering above the water. It feels like cruising through bottomless powder. Foilboarding also allows you have more fun on the water in light winds. Now the prices to enter the world of foilboarding have dropped dramatically at Kite Paddle Surf.

Starting at $589 for a LF Foil System you can then add a Liquid Force 5'0" Rocket Foilboard for $400 to complete the foilboard system. So for $989 you can be foiling tomorrow. This is an amazing deal if you are been interested in learning to foilboard. This foil system without board was originally $1149. The KPS Liquid Force Foil Package is a great entry level foil system that is versatile, adaptable and upgrade able.

The foil assembly system includes the 2016 LF standard mast, 71cm aluminum fuselage, 61cm aluminum fuselage, low aspect wing set (great for learning because it allows you to foil at lower speeds) and board track hardware. Then you can choose from a variety of foil decks starting at $400. The LF system can be upgraded when you want higher performance as your skills progress. You can upgrade the wings to higher performance wings from Liquid Force or to custom wings like those from Jim Stringfellow. You can also reduce the weight of the foil assembly by upgrading to the 71cm carbon fuselage.

Email us at or call us at 360.775.2741 if you have questions.

Check it out:
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