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A great look at the Sweetspots operation on Guanaja, Honduras with a variety of cameras including a drone. You can also see some nice 2015 Cabrinha kite gear in action.

"The Island
from Cabrinha Kites Plus 3 months ago Not Yet Rated

What are our perceptions of paradise? Is it a place we will never experience due to the fear it only exists in our thoughts and dreams? Travelling the world to kiteboard you visit many beautiful destinations. A small island situated in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras just might be kiteboarding paradise.

Join James Boulding on a journey of discovery to a new kiteboarding destination that until now has only been dreamt exists.

Camera: James Boulding, Manuela Jungo, Mike Minichiello, Luis Aguero.
Edit: James Boulding

Thanks to:

Music: Odesza - I Play You Listen"
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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