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Default Re: treasure hunting

Originally Posted by mocean
as you know I'm in sanish wells and my good friend here Jock morgen, used to do a bit of treasure hunting before they closed it down (due to people messing up the reefs)
anyways there are a few tresure hunting boats getting refitted here and it looks like it's about to open up again.
yea kids are fun but boy does it mess with your spare time(i don't have any at all) your photos look great rick.

did you see my clip on spanish wells yet
Yes, a typical wreck exploration or salvage operation can really do a number on a reef if it is entombed in it or even nearby. Years back guys used explosives, all sorts of dredges and generally caused a bit havoc out there. For the longest time with some exceptions, the very best pro salvours might break even in terms of profits and expenses. I used to shoot video and stills on some UW arch. sites in Florida and the Caribbean. No, I didn't know that you had put it up. I'll go check it out, thanks!

Here are some more UW shots ...

The spot is similar in some ways to Molokini off Maui.

A few white tips showed up at one point. Where's that strobe?!

This was along a pinnacle or sea mount like feature. It reminded me of some of the walls or dropoffs in the Caribbean.

Time to head back to the bottom. Another fuzzy telephoto shot.

We were talking about this last night. I concluded that the most commonly sighted shark off South Florida must be the Coconut shark. That is coconuts floating along looking shark-like? My wife's cousin thought she saw a seal off here the other day. That really would be unique, nope, just another Coconut shark, they're everywhere. Don't eat nearly as much but they have been known to attack cars.
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