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Originally Posted by bryanleighty View Post
i'd rather not risk getting a finger tangled...

with the one line disconnected there was no controlling the kite. i know that the OS handles are supposed to be fingers friendly but I'd rather lose 10 kites than 1 part of my hand.
BL - Wow, glad you are OK. That is a situation I've often imagined at that spot and I've steered my students away from these spots with this in mind. And yes, someone should have helped you out...but then again sometimes there's nobody there who can help.

This type of situation is precisely why I carry 2 leashes - so I can transfer one to the O-shit without being completely leashless and disconnected / or having to rely on my fingers to hold the OSH - very risky. I typically ride with both attached to the centerline most of the time...If I am going far offshore cruising and not doing tricks I hook one to the OSH in case my centerline or something else breaks unexpectedly. I've even used the extra leash as a tow line for another kiter.

Not to sound redundant but launching/landing/and anything else close to shore is where we are most vulnerable. Even an experienced rider can have it handed to him/her...things can happen so fast.

PS...can you post a photo of the bar so other 06 Waroo bar owners can see what happened?
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