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good idea Roberto..

could have been SO much worse..

could have been jumping.. could have been way upwind where i had been only 5 minutes prior.. could have been a few hundred yards from the bridge where i had been only 3 minutes prior.. could have been while i was launching.. could have been when i was riding at the beach last weekend..could have been when Dan and I were riding with this bar at backside skyway a couple weeks ago in 30+ wind.

could have been so much worse in pretty much any scenario ... i think i got off light.

and really.. about my comments for no one helping.. i did race to my car and speed off like a bat outta hell.. (thinking i wouild have to do a freeway kite recovery).. so i know that it was impossible for anyone to see where i went.

as a whole...i dont think people *have* to help... i just hope that everyone would always *want* to help.

i know i have gone WAY out of my way to help a downed rider or two.. and often do board retrevials to help a fellow rider out as much as possible. I just hope everyone else would do the same for me ...

I guess after a really good scare my emotions were a bit outta whack so i got a little pissy. hehehe..
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