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Originally Posted by BigR View Post
That is Ridiculous Toby! Like I said B4, there was no one at the beach basically. You weren't there and didn't see where or how it happened or
where it went into the mangroves. hint, not close to the rigging area.

And even if there was, HOW can you help when the person you were going to help runs into their car and drives off at full speed? what do you do then? get on your magic carpet and follow ? to where? Wouldn't he have waited for someone, to jump in the car with him if he wanted help?

By the time Shane and I came in ( which was quick ) he had already driven back with kite
Toby's point is that if you are able to help then be proactive, if you donít feel you can accomplish a rescue then is better to stay away. However, I have seen many cases were riders are just simple spectators.
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