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Default TS Isaac Sessions

We had been getting squalls from Tropical Storm Isaac since yesterday, some nasty ones too. So, I was happily surprised to checkout the radar around midday today and see no inbound squalls. It looked like the clear area was several hours in duration. It turned out no squalls showed up, not even any rain that I can recall either. Miami and the Keys were getting some excessive squall activity.

You can see squalls moving across Miami-Dade County but the area off Palm Beach County was largely clear. It cleared up even more as the day wore on.

There was a good turnout of kiters, a good group too. They took pains to stay out of the guarded area, away from rafts of surfers moving through.

This dark bottomed cumulous (not storm) cloud dropped the wind significantly. I ended up wind waiting with a 14 m for a while.

The wind did fill in at times particularly once you were over a 1/4 mile offshore.

I was at the beach between 11:30 and 3:00 pm. Thing got better a bit later on.

I ran into Dylan riding boots and straps.

There were these nice trains of 4 ft. swells

The regular crew shows up.

So, that was a quick session. More wind, rain and squalls on the way. No way of telling whether there will be large enough holes betweens squalls tomorrow to allow kiting. There is a good chance at times it won't be rideable if not perhaps the whole day. We'll see, take care.
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