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Hope everyone came through the weekend ok with minimal disruption at home. The feeder bands of Isaac are raking up the east coast and other areas right now. There are some powerful embedded squalls and high gusty winds for that matter.

We had some nasty wind spikes into the 50 mph range over the SE from some squalls and tornadoes in Lake Worth. It was still blowing close to 50 mph sustained at Fowey Rocks this morning with gusts into the 40's over large areas of the southern part of the state. It looks like Isaac is heading off to the NW. Good luck to the folks in Louisiana and other impacted areas.

It looks like much of the state will get hazardous weather out of this system. Don't be the guy to get lofted/dragged and into the news in a bad way at your launch.

Kite within your abilities, gear limitations and stay out of squalls!

FKA, Inc.

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