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Originally Posted by johnb2
Mother nature isnt the only thing that causes micro down burst , last month at the end of March i was kiteboarding in the Gulf of Mexcio on Padre Island when a coast gaurd chopper flew over very low and blew my 18M kite down causing it to fall out of the sky and then the wind blowing 15-18 also made it relaunch in mid air before i could get the slack out of the lines and gave me a unwanted kiteloop with more boost that i was ready for, i was in deep water but regardless gave me a new outlook on the strength og the rotor blast, this is common practice for coast gaurd in texas to patrol shoreline and not sure if they do this in Florida so beware folks!
There was a recent occurence of this happening here in St. Pete to a kiter. A CG chopper flying low caused a kite to hindenberg/relaunch due to rotor wash. Scary situation that I hope to never be in, especially on or near the beach.
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