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It is important to rig, launch and land to the south of the line shown. Beach erosion has narrowed that area of beach quite a lot too particularly at high tide. If that means walking further south to be able to rig and launch, then walk further south. If you are riding out, be sure to pass on the downwind side of the lineup of surfers while not riding through them routinely. If this means going inside a hundred yards of the guarded beach, tack offshore farther to the SE before heading north.

If winds are east, onshore and too light to get out or the waves are too intense to allow getting out easily, do go off here. Head further south to where the waves might be lighter or wait for a better wind day. Do not ride within 100 yards of shore or walk with your kite on the beach north of the red line. If you are still working on staying upwind, if the winds are out of the SE why not setup to the north of Sand Dunes Park just north of Linton? That will give you over a mile of clear beach before you come into the out of bounds guarded area. If the wind is out of the NE, start south of the area mapped above for the same reason.

Not everyone does these things. Then again, why do we still have threats to access? Do your part to keep us flying.

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