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Default Delray Beach Kiteboarding Law & Restrictions

Stay to the south of the line within 300 ft. of shore with a kite flying. Don't ride inside 300 ft. of shore and don't walk down the beach with kite flying north of this line.

In short, rig, launch and return south of the red line.

Even if you see other guys doing this, don't do it yourself. There's a $500. fine and possibly 60 days in jail for some lucky kiter violating this City ordinance. Volunteers? Beyond that it threatens our access.

NOTE: If you can't stay upwind, don't ride anywhere near the line with a south wind. If the wind is dead onshore and light, your kite
and/or board aren't large enough, DON'T ride north into the out of bounds area trying to get out. Walk south or ride somewhere
else if necessary. The trick is to stay out of that area to the north within 100 yards of shore off the guarded beach at all times.
Always be considerate of bystanders south of the line. Kiting here isn't a right it is a privilege which we can keep or lose simply
by how riders behave. Encourage guys not to threaten your access through careless or inconsiderate practices. This launch is too
good to risk losing it!

IF you are doing downwinders to the north or south, BE SURE to stay at least 100 yards beyond lifeguarded beaches while kiting
in other cities. Guarded areas are easy to identify from the lifeguard stands. Also be considerate of bystanders at all times.
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