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Thanks to some of the advice I received on this site, I managed to get some riding time in on Saturday afternoon.
After a morning of struggling to keep the kite in the air at Englewood beach (weak winds and big surf didn't help), I packed-up after some setup/launching/landing practice and headed down to Ponce de Leon park in Charlotte Harbor (which is a lot closer to my parent's house than Englewood beach is).
The wind was more steady here and there were hardly any waves to speak-of, just some light chop. There's a big setup area but not much as far as a launch site goes so I had to get a bit creative.
We made it all work though and I had steady wind for a little over an hour and it was keeping my 12m SwitchBlade pretty happy when I had it trimmed for almost full power. Then the wind started to shudder a bit and after fiddling with power/depower straps, I decided to call it a day.

Overall it was a fun little session for my first time out completely on my own (had someone come with me to help launch/land, but i was by myself in judging riding conditions/spot dangers). I'll post up some more info on the spot for any of you thinking of going out there. There aren't really any hidden dangers, but just a few little things that it might be nice to know are out there if you ever plan a trip.
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