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Paddling into monster waves in Jaws off Maui, no skis tow-in involved. Serious surfing with penalties for the slow, uncommitted or the unlucky.

"01.04.2012 Historic Jaws Paddle Session. Join Here 30+ of the Top Paddle In Chargers were present & accounted for. The Usual & Not So Usual Suspects, Marcio Freire Sion Milosky Greg Long Shane Dorian Ian Walsh Kaleo Amadeo Francisco Porcella Yuri Soledade Matt Meola Albee Layer Tyler Larronde Ramon Navarro Carlos Burle Danilo Couto Dave Wassel Alex Gray Dusty Payne Edson Da Silva Kohl Cristenson Grant Twiggy Baker Mark Healey Shaun Walsh Garrett Mcnamara Rodney Kilborn Handsome Bugga Productions Kai Lenny Jeff Rowley Oxbow Red Bull Oneill Billabong XXL Quiksilver"

Still images from:
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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