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I was wondering what you guys thought about the original opening shot below. The one I chose was a slightly doctored photo from SoCal. There was only one guy, it wasn't all that gloomy and he wasn't in trouble or descending into an architectural "vanishing point." Still, I felt lucky to find it having spent only a single long weekend in California.

vs. the original version ...

This is a composite of some strange stuff. The altered backdrop is a free diving level shot off La Jolla when I was looking to photograph some seals. No joy on that, one just bounced up behind me for a verbal goose before vanishing.

The stuffed shark lives outside Innsbruck, Austria in Schloss Ambras along with some other interesting/strange museum pieces.

The Schloss

Our tiburon bud, hanging around. I would sue the plastic surgeon that put those stitches in.

So, which is better, the one that was used or the latter one?
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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