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An update from Smathers Beach. IF YOU LAUNCH AND LAND AS IF YOU WERE AT A "NORMAL" LAUNCH YOU TOO COULD END UP IN THE POWERLINES. This is BS, this many years later that we can easily live without. First nudists now overseas kiters without a clue trying to take away kiting here. Have a care, please, read this post, understand it and DO IT!

"Dear city of key west, as a kiteboarder here for over 15 years please look to excuse the tourist who put his kite in the power lines at smothers beach , he was not from here and from overseas and I am sure he enjoyed the warm welcome from the fire department and the police. The 21 local kiters chasing him down the beach calling him and idiot I am sure got the point across."

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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