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First of all congratulations to Mike “Rambo” Hall for turning on the afterburners at the beginning of the race until the finish line, I’m so glad that a local kept the trophy in the house. Also a huge “Mission accomplished” to Chris Moore and all the sponsors and organizers, the event was a complete success.

I was really stoked to be a part of “The Rayley Grace Race” and support “The All Children’s Hospital”.

My story begins probably half the course of the race, when one of my foot straps came off unscrew and remember saying to myself “I’m done! F@ck!!!” I tried to continue with one foot strap on but knowing the area and the condition involved I knew it was going to be an impossible mission to finish it. I tried to continue but I felt so many times that I just decided to head down towards the beach and flag my kite down. Later went out to search for my board that I eventually found probably half a mile downwind of where I landed.

After that I just thought about taking the trolley and meet all the riders at the Tradewinds Resort. However, I knew I was going to be disappointed specially, after all the anticipation I had for the race.

I know little “Rayley” fought for her life and didn’t give up and so she inspired me to change my mind about taking the trolley. So I knock at some doors and found some guys that let me borrow a screwdriver and screw in my strap. At that time I was a man on a mission to finish the race no matter how long it would take me so then I untangled my lines, re-rigged my kite and I was back in action. All that took me more than 1 hours but I didn’t care anymore my goal was to finish and so I did.

I know that without the ordeal I could have done much better but the satisfaction of finishing the race was just way more gratifying due to the adversity I faced.

I want to thank “Rayley Grace” for remind it me “Not to give up!!”

I hope all riders had a great time. See you until the next one!
Champions use adversity like a kite uses the wind;
rising against it, they soar to new heights.
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