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The cold fronts seem to have started up blowing though again. With luck a nice one or two will pass through during your stay. The winds usually move clockwise with the passage of the front. In that area you try to use the winds from NNW to E to SSE. Wind could be below rideable, to in excess of 30 kts., perhaps a bit higher. If it is on, good chance it may be around 15 to 20, perhaps 25 kts. but it does vary. It is too far off at this point to estimate what sort of winds you will have in that period. If you could bring both the 9 and 12 m, I would. That area is to have a low tonight of 44 F and a high tomorrow of 64 F from a powerful cold front. I would bring a full wetsuit, a 4/3 or 3/2. It was almost 90 F about a week ago, so things vary.

I don't know any instructors in PSL. Greg Kuklinski used to teach around the Ft. Pierce Inlet area a fairly short distance to the north of PSL. He may be able to hook you up with an instructor up that way. His email is gregk1 (at) If you have trouble hooking up with someone up that way, to the south would be your next best bet.
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