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Default Paraglider and drone near miss

About 7 years ago there were 3 paragliders that approached Sunset beach in N. Pinellas and were hovering into the wind about 20' over the beach. I was headed north away from the beach nearing the Howard park causeway. As I was about to make my transition I looked behind me and there was a paraglider right behind me. I could not hear the motor as he probably dropped in on me with the motor idling. I kept the kite low and slowed, dropping into the water until he passed. If I had brought the kite overhead for my transition, it would have hit him. The police and fire department showed up later but I do not think any one was cited as the paragliders were gone by then.

And just yesterday I had a close encounter with a small drone while launching. It was very quiet and I did not even notice it until it climbed out of the way. I told the pilot to keep it clear of my kite and lines. Fortunately, he kept way clear after that.

This proves that we have to be very cautious and aware of everything around us.
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