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Old 04-29-2015, 01:19 PM
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Default Great White Autonomous Teething Biscuit, uh or something ...

Here is a tale of REMUS, sans Romulus with nary a Capitoline Wolf to be found. Instead of Remus suckling a willing she-wolf, it is REMUS serving as mobile teething biscuit wired for video and sound for Great White sharks on the fin. It really is a great concept.

Remus and Romulus chow down in the olden days. The present day REMUS has at things differently with a good deal more tech.

What goes better with AUV's anyway, TUMS to try to buffer out all that digesting battery acid or a nice mackerel or two for flavoring?

The ocean engineering design gnomes at Woods Holes Oceanographic Institute have crafted Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS, or REMUS vehicles. These are low-cost autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) designed by the Oceanographic Systems Lab to operate with a simple laptop computer.

There is a whole family of REMUS vehicles configured for the demands of varied tasks, payload, speed and operation duration requirements. More at:

They have been used for mine sweeping duty in the Gulf and apparently in cartoons with some success?

The current project employs a REMUS 100 unit, shown above, with the following specifications:

This is what they have to say about the AUV: "The Newest Great White Shark Tracking Robot

REMUS SharkCam is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that is preprogrammed to carry out a specific set of instructions, or mission, without a human pilot. Specifically, SharkCam is a REMUS 100 (Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS) designed and programmed to follow and film an animal tagged with a special acoustic transponder. At about 80 pounds, 5 feet long, and able to reach depths of up to 100 meters (328 feet), REMUS can be equipped with a variety of sensors based on a missionís requirements. For the SharkCam version of REMUS 100, the vehicle is fitted with six GoPro video cameras in special waterproof housings that capture a panoramic view of the ocean and the animal it is following."

There is a general overview of the project at: . I first came across the video shown below with no other information to speak of in a "Shark Week" post. Intrigued I dug deeper to learn more about what was going on as it looked like an AUV to me. This article resulted.

Shadowing a pinger tagged shark

There are a variety of ways to tag sharks, including that shown above. Not too long ago a similar approach was taking for the harvesting of sharks. Times will change.

You can see a Great White shark interacting with the AUV in the following clip. Apparently despite efforts to unobtrusively shadow the animal, the shark got it into its head to come in for a gnosh or something?

Sneaking up behind a pinging Great White, how about dressing the AUV up as a fat shark sucker or something less obvious to the big tiburons?

Happy hunting, shooting and sustainable interactions to the researchers and to the shark, nibbling is ok, just don't bite too hard!

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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