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Old 07-05-2007, 08:50 PM
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Default Watersports West Tampa Bay

Watersports West is Tampa Bay's source for all things kiteboarding including professional instruction and supervision by PASA/IKO certified instructors.

There are more choices out there than what makes us different and why choose us?

Watersports West has been in the game since kiteboarding began in Tampa Bay. We have the most qualified and most experienced instructors you will find anywhere. Recently we have added waverunner support to our lesson program. This type of lesson allows for easier learning, less walking, more riding, on the fly instruction, and the ability to supervise multiple students as they transition from private instruction to self sufficient riders.

Crowds? What crowds? Waverunner support gets you away from the crowds and allows you to learn and practice without another kiter being in your way or you being in other kiters way. That keeps things safe for you and for the other kiters.

If you do your research, waverunner supported lessons will cost as much as $150 per hour. We have not raised our rate in 5 years. We still charge $100 per hour for the best lesson you will find anywhere. Non-waverunner supported lessons will offer an hourly discount, so just clarify which you would prefer as you book your lesson.

Customers of Watersports West will enjoy a huge advantage of waverunner supported supervision at $25.00 per hour. You will need your own gear at this point, but imagine having a ride upwind away from other kiters and the ability to practice what you've learned on your own private flat. If you get into any trouble, we will be there to assist. Get caught problem...we will take you back upwind as many times as you'd like. At $25.00 an hour, this is by far the best deal around anywhere. It is our way of saying thank you, and the best way to keep you and all the other kiters safe at the local launches. This has become very popular, so book early as spaces for supervision are limited and Watersports West customers get priority. Didn't get your gear from our problem. We can still supervise, but it will be $50 per hour.

We also offer the best introduction you will find anywhere. Our 3 hour ground school will give you the best foundation one could ask for before starting this incredible journey. It is not required, but highly recommended you take this course before getting into the water. Instructor, Steve Visnage, has designed this curriculum from the ground up. With a Master's Degree in education, he will take you on a 3 hour journey that will be sure to open your eyes about the hidden dangers that lie within this sport. He will prep you for your first lesson and all the obstacles that you will tackle well into the future. He is also an incredible resource for information whenever you have that question that needs to be answered. His students have access to his cell, email, and Facebook page 24/7. His passion for quality instruction is second to none. If you are not satisfied with the ground school program, he will gladly refund your money, no questions asked. Is there any other instructional program that offers that guarantee?
GROUND SCHOOL $75 (call for appt)

Finally, the instructors. These guys are serious about your progress and take it personal if you don't succeed. We have a world class professional tennis coach, two professional sailing coaches, a professional teacher with a Master's in education, and the most seasoned and longest tenured kite instructor in the bay area. They have all been through certified training centers and know what your going to do wrong before you do it. They live all over the bay area and teach throughout the bay area. They feel it is important to learn where you are going to kite so please specify where you live. We are lucky to have them on the team and we would stack them up against any instructional team worldwide.

So if your still unsure if this is the best choice for you, then ask our past clients. Go ahead throw it out there. Use this forum for feedback. This is without question the best program and the best value you will find anywhere.
But don't take our word for it. Just ask!

For more info, feel free to visit for more info or call the shop
727-517-7000 shop

For imediate assistance call Steve-O, Head instructor with Watersports West
727-542-8022 cell

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Old 09-18-2007, 10:24 PM
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Default January 2010 Update

Happy New Year!!!!

2010 is here and record cold temperatures have been all the buzz. It hasn't stopped the hard core from getting out and enjoying the winds. However, hoods, gloves, booties, and a good 3/4 wetsuit have been the call for some of these really cold days. It will warm up soon enough and will be back to normal.

Jet Ski supported lessons are now available and are the best way to learn the sport of kiteboarding. All of the larger schools around the country have been using skis for years, and we have finally added a ski to the teaching arsenal.

A jet ski can completely alleviates any type of walking in the flats back upwind hence maximizing your water time and saving energy. Not to mention the instructor can now teach on the fly and let the student ride as long and as far as they want.

From Steve-O, head instructor....
"I personally have witnessed a dramatic change in the quality of lesson I can give my students. We can stay out for longer periods of time and get twice as much done. My students really focus on riding as the ski allows us to get away from the crowds and not feel cramped or distracted by other kiters. Finally instead of telling my students to STOP, once they start riding, I tell them to GO GO GO!!!! I end up chasing them around without any worry of how we are going to get back. I couldn't go back to teaching lessons without the ski. An invaluable tool that every student deserves."

It has been a great season so far with many new faces hitting the waterways. We still have plenty of 2009 gear on closeout with savings up to 50% off. Call the shop for the latest deals and packages.

Spring is right around the corner and is the best time of year to be kiteboarding around the Tampa Bay area. With warm water and clean winds, what are you waiting for????

Feel free to call my cell phone for a personal consultation and I will get all your questions answered.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, 2 degrees in education, the best gear in the world, the best locations in Florida, the only shop in Tampa Bay, and now Jet Ski support, why would you learn kiteboarding anywhere else?

Come along for the ride of your life.

cell 727-542-8022

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Old 01-14-2010, 08:11 PM
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"kiteboarding for whatever reason, is the recipe for much of my happiness"
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Old 01-15-2010, 09:26 PM
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I have no idea what happened to that vid. I will recreate it when I can and do what I can to put it back.

The Cooler.

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