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Old 05-30-2017, 02:33 PM
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Default Pryde Group Americas Product Presentation for 2017

Pryde Group Americas Product Presentation for 2017
Islamorada, Florida

Pryde Group Americas or PGA was presenting fine watersports products from:

Filling the pool up for the traditional group shots.

The theme was the Kraken's Brigade!

You can read more about the Kraken or "Hafgufa" in the original Norwegian at:

You can see the beast crashing the party to get its tentacles into the booze and mess up the ladies' hair, the scurvy cephalopod.

Kent Marinkovic working hard with all his troops to make the event happen and a singular experience for all!

Todd gets things going with the PGA troops to make the meeting a success.

Brazilians are good at paddling, what can I say? Champion Vinicius "Vinny" Martins paddling for JP-Australia, is about to vanish in a puff of spray and wind.

Garry moves in some prime riding ware for the meeting.

Chase of JP-Australia in the turtle grass and loving it.

Todd fills us in on Cabrinha's gear for 2017

Todd's troops

Lots of excellent shredding to be head with some remarkable new gear!

A look at what Cabrinha is bringing to market for 2017!

The new Fireball connector bringing a added capability, comfort and safety to kiting.

Paul Menta drove up from Cayo Hueso. There is an interesting phenomena among longer term Conchs. Ten miles down the US HWY 1 is like driving to another country and may be infrequently undertaken.

Pete Cabrinha, ready with a smile and a handshake.

The kids have been asking for one of these excellent group iSup boards for bath time. Note to self, we're going to need a bigger pool!

Garry and his troops present the JP-Australia lineup for 2017.

A look at JP-Australia for 2017

The family really liked this tandem sail massive board from JP-Australia with all the stability in the world for easy sail pumping through light air.
Chase takes a great new SUP board out setup for fishing.

Billy charges by looking at home on the water, which he is!

Checkout all the great boards from 2017 from Imagine Surf:

Kent opens up one of the dinners for the evening.

Kent, always good for laughs, delivers!

The future and it is looking good!

Beware the Kraken

Pete and Maciej

Heading over to Robbies for dinner, hand feeding the tarpon and perhaps some shark too.

Bringing in the sharks, with fish or is it fingers?

What are these guys trying to chum up anyway?

Some nice free swimming sharks, what else.

Fran tries and up close and personal approach to bring the sharks in.

There are some nice sized ones in there.

Alex and some Keys guy?

Talent, drive and beauty!

The signature beach bonfire shot!

Alex and Concetta

Light wind, no problem!

Longtime friends from Canada

Sergio and Cedric work things out?

Lots of talent at these meetings.

Cedric warms up his pinkie levitation.

An excellent idea, pump up a Chaos and hit the water!

There are a lot of fine people in PGA.

A bit of rain but it soon passes.


Marko and Vinnie from JP-Australia

A great turnout from all over!

Filling the pool up with as many attendees and as much gear as possible.
A well shot and edited video overview of the meeting!

That's all for now, have fun out there with all this excellent gear!

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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