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Old 07-24-2007, 07:47 PM
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Default Surf Expo 2004 - Globerider and Lightwave Designs

Riding Into Surf Expo For Another
Look At What's New For 2005 ...

The models are hard at work, so let's walk over and say hi to Greg Kuklinski USA distributor for Globerider Kites.

Greg K. and the Globerider/Litewave Designs booth. Greg has teamed up with Litewave Dave in putting
together a booth at Surf Expo for a couple of years.

Some Expo goers posing with the GK Lift 3 Globeriders high aspect kite for 2005. The Curl is a lower aspect,
deep draft kite for wave riding and tricks from Globerider for 2005.

The GK Lift 3 in flight. All water photo credit to Globerider

CJ thinking about a powered up kiting session?

Globerider has introduced the innovative flexible strut which was described to me to perform in the following way. The trailing edge is curved up when in the static mode with no to light pressure on the control bar (when "sheeted out"). The kite delivers minimal force when in static mode as the trailing edge is dumping or spilling wind upward. I believe it works in a similar fashion to a spoiler on a race car. It forces the rear portion of the kite downward. The rear lines can be drooping at this point and the kite will be in stable flight in part by not allowing the leading edge to drop. When you pull in the bar or "sheet in" the dumping of wind off the trailing edge ceases changing to a smoother laminar flow off the back of the kite. This results in the kite assuming a cleaner, more powerful foil shape. Another benefit of static mode is that say you are offshore and the kite is overhead and you are hit by a moderate gust, the leading edge will lift up, the kite will fall back in the window. Once the gust passes the kite will fly back forward in the window but will NOT Hindenberg or stall and fall with NO bar input whatsoever throughout.

Kite is "sheeted in" out of Static Mode and is powered up!

Globerider photo of the reverse KPO in Static Mode. Note the strut curvature. The "Reverse KPO" (KPO = Kite Power Optimizer), is an adjustable attachment point for the line on which the leading edge line connection pulley rides upon.

Globerider photo of the reverse KPO under tension. The strut has straightened out and the trailing edge has curved downward.

The corner of the end batten also has a flexible joint. This softer, flexible joint protects the bladder from damage such as can happen in folding the wing tip over for self launching.

The original KPO system is shown above and can be ordered in lieu of the reverse KPO upon request. You can control the readiness to stall of the kite during turns causing the kite to whip around or pivot through a turn very rapidly. This feature was developed to facilitate kite loops and wave riding. Globerider has focused on delivering a wide range of flexibilty and diversity to the Curl and Lift 3 this year.

The various KPO attachment points.

Mat Pendle, the Globerider innovator out having fun with his designs in Marturius. Mat is using the reverse KPO in this photo, note the amount of trailing edge twist and curvature along the back of the kite.

Greg , Dimitri and Luco checkout the Lift3. Globerider has added a dacron trailing edge to reduce deterioration due to strumming in sustained wind while on the beach.

The leading edge diameter has been reduced and a fifth line attachment point included.

The leading edge seam is quite smooth to facilitate clean air flow over the section and to improve ease of repair. This resembles the leading edge construction on my hang glider!

The GK bar for 2005

Looping Lift 3, looks like fun!

These are showing up all over, sort of Kilroy Part II.

.......... ///
........ -(@ @)-
--oOO-- (_)--- OOo--
..... Kilroy was here!


Back at the halfpipe, the bladers are going off!


Now on to Litewave Designs ...

Litewave Dave and Greg K

The Freerider board line. Dave is making a bold new statement with the new graphics, titled ... "THE VICIOUS FISH!" He now uses a PBT top sheet instead of the Durasurf for a flashier look and lighter weight. The fiberglass was beefed up underneath the top sheet to maintain strength. I can recall when Litewave Dave was a garage production some years back. Well not anymore, Dave is moving out tons of boards worldwide. For more about the 2005 board line click on:

Dave compares the edges of last years and the new boards. Last years boards had a pinched rail due to the method of fabrication but was a bit sharp. The edge is comprised of hard ABS plastic in the new boards bonded to the board core. The ABS plastic is tapered out to the finish rail shape on a router. For this year he has kept thin rails and lost the pinched edge.

Litewave Dave tooling along on his board

The flex of the 2004 and 2005 boards are similar.

Edge on views of the 2005 board to the right and 2004 on the left.

This years bomber impact vest design.

The latest footstraps from LWD

Nina Johannsen, riding hard for LWD and Globerider. Nina is described as 50% Thai + 50% Swedish = 100% athlete!

If you hang out at the booth long enough the world will walk by. Case in point, Hung Vu founder of the world famous Kitesurf School at dropped by.

The top secret weapon from the LWD arsenal revealed, a new foil board! Actually the foil component is an innovation from . The LWD board was placed on top of the foil assembly. Looks like fun althrough I do wonder about the small suction cup board attachment system?!

Litewave Dave last year struck the now famous LW Dave Zoolander pose. I asked this year's company to throw out another rendition and this is what came about.

Strange ... but true and remember, you saw it here first.

Irma, shown in the middle is a hard riding kiteboarder for Globerider and ripping loose at KiteForGirls.


Well it's that time again, warmup the models ...

Man this funky air freshener they spray all over gives things a bizarre pearlized appearence.

See ya from Surf Expo, be back soon!

Copyright FKA, Inc. 2004
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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