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Old 09-20-2010, 03:09 PM
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Default Standup at Surf Expo 2010!!!

Heading back to Surf Expo for 2010. Things have changed a bit at the show, there are still some interesting things to see, do and buy though! Here is the first of a few writeups on the show.

CLICK IMAGE for full sized photo

A look over the convention floor
CLICK IMAGE for full sized photo

Lets swing by the Jimmy Lewis booth staffed by Ken Russell, Garry Menk, Packet Casey, Lola and more! Jimmy Lewis is a long time well regarded kiteboard, SUP board and surfboard shaper based in Hawaii. His products are distributed by Ken and Garry through Fuacata Sports, LLC.

Some SUP raceware, looks fast just sitting on the carpet.

Lola signing away, dazzling the crowd.

Packet shows off the latest JL kiteboard, the Kwad. The funky aster is actually my strobe flash and not part of the factory graphics.

The booth is right next to the SUP board demo pool

Ken is angling for Lola's job as poster child for JL Boards? Uh, no worries Lola, keep up the great job!

The Su-perTray setup on another board. Ever wonder what to do with all your stuff when you're out diving from your SUP board? Here's an answer for you.

Coasting with the Su-pertray off Key West

These young ladies are promoting "rail saver," see below.

Apparently this self adhesive tape has done wonders in rental board operations in keeping the gear in far better shape than normal. Jimmy Lewis liked it so much, he took it on.

Packet showing off the flip side of the kiteboard.

These folks came barreling past on this self propelled long skateboard

There is more to come from Surf Expo 2010 ... Stay tuned!

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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Old 10-06-2011, 09:13 AM
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Default Surf Expo 2011 In Pictures

Checking out Surf Expo 2011 this August to see what is new and interesting in the world of water sports. This year was different in that quite a few more kiting interests had booths at the show than in the last three years. Also, there was quite a bit of diving related products at this show for the first time. Perhaps they are trying to shift the sport's demographics to a younger crowd.

Here we are at the massive Orange County Convention Center off International Drive in Orlando, FL.

Let's take a panoramic view of the show floor. I did say it was a large show!
CLICK photo for full sized image

I have a lot of runway fashion shots that I don't quite know what to do with. Lacking a better idea, I will salt them in among the other show floor images.

Lets have a look at the Jimmy Lewis booth with Ken

A section of a JL board

Garry Menk of JL boards

Packet Casey, JL team rider shows off his talents on this powered monocycle.

Neil Pryde Group booth featuring JP Australia SUP and NPX wear. They choose to focus on these product lines for this show.

Cabrinha team rider Damien Leroy was named "Kiteboarder of the Year" by AWSI at Surf Expo

There is a far more extensive overview of the current line up of Cabrinha, Neil Pryde, NPX and more in the writeup of the dealer conference held a few months back in Islamorada, FL. More at:

The Grinch Winch guy comes ripping along on a Solowheel

The show has everything even mermaids in a tank.

Models in metal flake?

Slingshot had a large booth at the show by the wakeboarding pool

Matt Sexton recently got a kiting magazine cover, looking good!

You never know when you may go in for a while or in this case, maybe you do know. I understand that Magda of bote SUP boards in front is wearing a hot swimsuit from This takes us into ...

Martin and Niki Stepanek and a crew of instructors from FII or Freediving Instructors International were at the Oceanic booth at the show.

Martin and the team were presenting something new of interest to watermen everywhere, a Waterman Survival Course. Being at ease and in control in the water involves more than aptitude at your particular sport and strong swimming skills, managing reasonable time submerged on breathhold is another strong asset to have. FII has introduced a practical, hands on course with this in mind.

"Any experienced waterman, from surfers, high-divers, and whitewater kayakers to ocean rescue teams will easily recall at least one moment in their lives when the power of mother natures ultimate force has pushed them to their limits. Gasping for breath, you reached the surface feeling there was nothing else to give…or, maybe there is? During this course, we will dispel some common misconceptions and get to the bottom of the true urge to breathe. We’ll dig even deeper and show you how you can retrain the urge to breathe, allowing your body to work with you in times of need. You will also learn key safety protocols on how to handle Black-out victims and other breathhold related incidents.

This course is for experienced waterman with a high level of health and fitness. This course is an academic and confined-water based training."
More at:

Niki Stepanek at rest on the bottom in the Red Sea

Let's have a look at the Fanatic booth, lots of boards, SUP, kite, windsurf

Here is Fanatic rep Laura Meyers showing off a windsurfing board

There was a SUP pool at Surf Expo put to good use. Jaime Brown sitting in front and Magda in the middle are wearing bikinis from Jaime is with the firm and represents her brand well. Folks who are into swim fashion should checkout the website. They have some unusual styles.

Lets look in on Dave Turner of Globerider Kites and Lightwave Designs,

Here's Dave!

Greg Kuklinski has also be a regular at Expos along with Dave for years.

John Bryja shows off the latest issue of SBC Kiteboard Magazine

Windsport Magazine an excellent long time publication from SBC

GoPro had a strong presence at the show in keeping with the past several Surf Expos meeting twice a year! This is one of their more expensive camera mounts.

There is a writeup from the Surf Expo earlier this year about new GoPro products for this year at:

I met JR Register, the Florida representative for GoPro at the show.

They introduced this new camera flotation back at this show in addition to all the innovations earlier in the year.

Standup attack in the SUP pool

Enrique and Jan make the rounds.

The funky indoor wakeboarding tow tank setup. It seems to work pretty well.

Swinging by Paul Barnett at the Light and Motion's booth

A wide array of video and still imaging light sources

I understand there is no need to open the factory sealed housings even for charging. What a great approach.

Lou Waiman holds court at his booth introducing new gear to customers.

Lets visit Sun Bum for a banana and some sun block

Aaron Sales of Kiteboarding Magazine shows off the latest issue. They also launched a new magazine aimed at the SUP market, "Board & Paddle."

Shred Ready has come out with some creative new helmet designs.

So, that's a quick look at Part I but it's not the end. The second part will be up very soon, see you ...

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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Old 10-06-2011, 10:00 AM
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Too bad the Expo is only for retailers with no general admission.
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Old 10-06-2011, 11:12 AM
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If you stay connected with your local shop and/or distributer you might be able to get tickets through them. It happens twice a year although the kiting usually goes off in September.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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