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Old 04-24-2006, 05:59 PM
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Default KITE 4 GIRLS 2006 In Photos & Video!!!

KITE 4 GIRLS back for 2006 ...

Great shredding is where you find it.

Christophe Ribot of Miami Kiteboarding, Neil Hutchinson of X-RATED KITEBOARDING and a legion of
volunteers, spectators and RIDERS came together on April 8, 2006 for a great windblown time. Crandon Park
was the venue for the third year and the Park and weather delivered! Christophe focuses this event on
women both existing shredders and kiter wannabes looking for some direction and time on the water.
It is a large event and growing by the year, Thanks Christophe!

Christophe and Neil get things moving.

Riders meeting.

Neil has become the grand master of kiteboarder cross competitions with a big one to come at the Velocity Games
in Corpus Christi in late May. These highly entertaining events provide a fairly level riding field for Pros to do battle
with up and coming amatures.

Neil's course diagram for K4G 06.
click for full size

For the competition *results* CLICK HERE

Clarissa riding for Cabrinhagoes off along with a lot of other kiters.

Running out the lines, with a 6 pack?

Kiteflix had FIVE camera crews at the event including this interview of Andrea.

The fifth camera is being operated by George Saunders of Kiteflix in this helicopter. There is a tremendous
quantity of great videos at Kiteflix

CJ sets up her Globerider.

What a great day.

Kent was out messing around early on. He has this new gadget, a board whistle. He just blows it and the board
comes flying along. Amazing!

Folks are signing up for the free clinics that run throughout the entire day

By some estimates there may have been 100 kites on the beach at one point close to half that on the water.

Andrea and Pete.

Alex riding for Waterboards, winner of the first high wind boardercross in Florida (more here).

Todd helpfully assists Clarissa by pointing the way to the riding grounds.

Rigged and ready to rip into the boarder cross course.

Riding hard to round the first buoy.

Fun for all.

We be rippin and riding hard

All good things come to an end as did this women's race with Melissa Gil riding for JN Kiteboarding winning the day.

Melissa showing off her kite. A review of the Prima Donna kite here.

Kiters were doing everything, including runaway buoy recovery.

James the next vessel has to have surround sound and a wet bar.

Clinton Bolton riding for Best heading off the sand.

Hollywood Jessie riding for Cabrinha reveals his new MR. T. look. Whaddayathink???

The guys have at it. Shots from various heats follow, not necessarily in sequence. It is important to note
that riders can be flushed out at anytime by an unlucky turn, line tangle, "slip on a banana", etc.. The leaders can
change almost with each heat at times. It sure keeps the competition interesting.

Charging the bananas.

Lost in the Valley of Bananas?

Some of the heats were particularly intense and tight!

The management of Crandon Park was a key part of making this incredible event even possible.
Here's a huge thanks to Manny, his staff and all the folks at Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation!

Shannon Best himself blasts along.

A closer look at Jon, Shannon and Jessie riding steeple chase over the obstacles.

Fabian wins the Men's boarder cross and prudently takes a look behind him. Fabian also rides for JN Kiteboarding
like Melissa the winner of the women's division. We'll get back to all the races in future articles as there
are a lot of photos of the action to look over.

Paula of Waterplay watches the action rip loose offshore. Hey Kent, what are Paula's other four names again?

After the boardercross a large scale free ride/expression session kicked off with liberal encouragement from
Kent via the PA. Damien is seen here going off while Andrea or more accurately a fleet of Andrea's tool
along in the background.

Clarissa signals "see ya!" in Brazilan?

Copyright 2006 FKA, Inc.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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