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Old 07-25-2011, 02:45 PM
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Default First look at Cabrinha 2012 Gear - Islamorada, FL

Heading back down to the Pryde Group Dealer Meeting in Islamorada, FL for another look at things. This time images of 2012 Cabrinha gear including kites and bars will be shown along with some early impressions. I have attempted to provide kite and board identities in places even when labels weren't visible from literature information. As such some of these may be in error, if you see one, please let me know.

Also, be sure to checkout the first article on this event for additional information HERE

Walking back into the Moorings for more 2012 gear presentations and time on the water with all this great stuff!

The wind is on and the guys are out

A look over the beach at the Moorings

The closer kite is the Vector new for 2012. The Vector is described as a very stable, easy flying kite referred to as the Universal Ride for the wide conditions it is suitable for. I flew it and found it to be very stable a particular plus for camera checks. I understand it is expected to be a hit with kite schools.

Kiting out to Alligator Lighthouse a few miles offshore with Brett

Damien Leroy and Matt Collins ride the specialty line of Cabrinha race Crossbow kites, boards and harnesses for the cameras.

A collection of kites

Kiters and windsurfers get along great here

Water toys await

Pete Cabrinha presents the gear line up for 2012 personally. Here he is describing the new control bar and quick release known as the Quick Link Control System with IDS. The system focuses on ease of use, an uncluttered bar and ergonomics. It has an internal swivel, external spinning leash connection, a wider more flared center hole and more. The bar has three means of depowering the kite including pushing the bar out, IDS activation (pushing the Quick Link Unit away or opening the quick release) or disconnecting from the kite by pulling the red plunger knob at the base of the chicken loop.

Pete shows the chicken loop, quick release and retaining pin assembly.

A diagram of the same assembly.

Pete demonstrates the release and rearming procedure for the new quick release on video.

Pete rides on

Matt runs out

Couldn't ask for much better of a venue or set of conditions for this event.

I believe the kite on the left is the Nomad while that is the Switchblade on the right. The Nomad is described as being developed for high end free style riding with fast turning and great unhooked attributes. It isn't intended as a beginners kite but for experienced riders looking for free style performance.

Damo and Pete pass in the shallows

Another look at the lighthouse

Damo and Matt on racing gear

Launching a Switchblade

The Moorings has all these unusual boats along the shore


Kent and Damo checkout a startling video, opening in theaters near you soon, or not.

A look at the launch with all that gear

Oliver, Damo, Julie and Matt

Pete boosts on the Caliber

Showing off the Spectrum, the universal free ride kiteboard from Cabrinha

I am on Andre Phillips Custom Model board

Matt on the Spectrum created to fill the gap between surfboards and raceboards with a high volume directional shape. I tried it with lighter wind and smaller kites, it really pointed nicely helping get things back upwind with a minimum of tacks. I haven't bought a directional in some time, plan on getting one of these soon.

Brett gives Gleidy some kiting pointers

A look back towards the launch and clear over the island to Florida Bay.

The Nomad

This place is a natural for photo shoots

The guest house for some of the event participants

A look across the first floor interior of the house. Natural varnished wood top to bottom.

The common room upstairs between the master and guest bedrooms.

Nice digs

Kent and Oliver

Damo gets ready to gybe Cabrinha's raceboard

Paula checks out a competitor's new leash design and takes a pass.

Dusk is coming on as Pete and the gang checkout riding in the great winds.

A closer look at the Drifter. This simplistic three strut kite is described as excelling at surf kiting and performing particularly well with slack lines.

Pete rides

Coming up on a Vector in flight

Crossbows riding out

Some of the participants gather for a group shot

Bryan does a strapless move on a Skillit surfboard. This is what this free style/surf model board has been designed for sans straps.

They put on a great buffet dinner at the Islander Resort just up the road. Excellent food, music and setting. I can recall staying and kiting here in 2000 when it was more of a keys mom and pop place out of the 50's with a huge sand rigging area. It is totally renovated today, great restaurant too from what was served at our event.

Leslye from the Pryde Group arrives early

A bit later on, what a great night.

Pete runs out on the Skillet

Damo rides on the raceboard

Todd takes a spin on the S-Quad surfboard

Taking the Switchblade for a flight over the flats at low tide on some skis Damo loaned to me.

Bryan and Leslye work in the former bomb shelter/rec/theater area at the Moorings. Note all the model shots on the wall. Most of the walls in this area are covered with cover photos.

It takes lots of energy to put one of these events on, these folks are equal to the challenge!

Kent does a GoPro video run by. He is working on a video of the event I think that should be a classic once out.

Great crowd

It has been a marvelous event, prime conditions in an ideal venue, excellent gear, great company and solid presentations. Thanks for the great times!

BE SURE to checkout the first article on this great event at:

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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