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Old 01-08-2015, 03:43 AM
fsukiteboarding fsukiteboarding is offline
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Default East Coast Tour Stop #4: Marathon Key, FL

Facebook event:

Complete Rider Registration and get a CKA Pass to streamline everything at the event here:

Party Saturday night: Big bonfire + jam band

Camping info: Bring tents and long sleeves / pants for bugs. They're not bad especially if there's wind but first and last hour of the day can be a bit irritating.

Cable: Includes gear rentals and coaching on features for people who haven't ridden them before.

Kite lessons: Either solo lesson or 2 people per instructor (1 gear set), that have to be close in size (40 lb difference or less). CKA special price as long as a bunch of gear doesn't get trashed. We have to book ahead for confirmation. Booking and cancellation charges will have to be run like usual. Get in touch ASAP as already got a group that is taking up most of my instructors for one session each day, so space is limited. $100 p/person for solo or $140 p/ group of 2.

Best Kiteboarding
Slingshot Kite
Keys Cable and Adventure Park
oTHErside Boardsports

Previous tour stops:

Current Rankings and Points

1st Florida Atlantic University 100
2nd College of Charleston 61.5
3rd Florida International University 28
4th Flagler College 20
5th University of Central Florida 19.5
6th Florida Southern College8
7th University of Florida 5.5
8th= Florida State University 5
8th= University of South Florida 5

1st Bret Sullivan FAU 39
2nd Niklas Reymann FIU 28
3rd India Stephenson Flagler College 20
4th Brandon Cordina CofC 15
5th Ben Holmquist CofC 15
6th Taylor Swanson FAU 13.5
7th Daniel Ware CofC 13
8th Chase Goodwin UCF 13
9th Sven Schneider FAU 12
10th Julia Bustos FAU 12
11th Roy Becker FAU 11.5
12th Brendan Guthrie CofC 8
13th Chase Russell FSC 8
14th Chelsea Mercede FAU 7
15th Kit Fisher UCF 6.5
16th Aaron Walten CofC 5
17th Patrick Fletcher FSU 5
18th Noah Koolick FAU 5
19th Evan Moore USF 5
20th Tanner Shuck CofC 3
21st Jon Kistemaker UF 3
22nd Reed Baldridge CofC 2.5
23rd Alex Montgomery UF 2.5
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Old 01-14-2015, 09:40 PM
fsukiteboarding fsukiteboarding is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 54

*72 hour update*

Alright after seeing Shea Gibson's forecast (below), we can only hope that is the way it plays out.
The only way to pay for camping, cable and lessons is through the CKA PASS. Sign up now if you are coming down.
If you have your own accommodations, then the regular pricing applies from Key Cable
Saturday meet at the keys cable 9-:30, then we have three options for places to ride if wind comes from the NE (listed in order)
1.Veterans Park, near end of seven mile bridge, (Very shallow on Atlantic side)
2.Horshoe, Summerland Key (Old quarry pit, can be really flat but not much room and tide could be issue
3. Sunshine RV Park on Ohio Key (Nice NE facing beach but still need to work on permission
Bugs can be a big problem near dawn and dusk, so have pants to change into and plan on going to get dinner early.
If you are looking to get lessons make sure to talk to Otherside ASAP and make arrangements before you miss out.

Ok so the models are starting to have more agreement for Saturday, and the system pattern reinforces what you are seeing in the Quicklook as of now. FIRST, let's talk shop on the daily forecast opinion... and then summarize with boring information you probably don't really care about:
FRIDAY: NW-->N winds slowly increase throughout the day from near 10kts to 12-17kts in pulses. Possible to see 14-18kts with additional building.
SATURDAY: Northerly winds lean more NE-->ENE-->E as the day progresses. Speeds start out low teens and increase to mid teens 13-17kt marks...with potential for stronger upper teens to build to 17-21kts into the afternoon hours.
SUNDAY: Cold front approach shows some shifty directions ultimately panning out to another round of Northerlies settling down into the region. Increases will depend on timing of passage how strong the flow is behind it. For now, we'll say light and variable winds in the AM give way to 10-15kt Northerlies in the afternoon. Possible to see a stronger build.
MONDAY: Speeds increase again along a N-->NE/ENE flow. For now, it's looking like the AM hours may hold stronger flow and slowly fade into the PM hours.
SUMMARY: Ok now for the boring stuff.... Friday, a segment of frontal activity associated with low pressure pushes across GoMex and to the SE of the Keys. High pressure wedging down from Texarkanas brings in a NW flow that should steer North an pick up some momentum as it expands east. If Low stays closer, winds will be more shifty, If it drifts further away, speeds and consistency increase. Saturday...the High consolidates with the center wobbling eastwards, increasing a clockwise turning NE-->ENE-->E flow as gradients tighten down into the Keys to show elevations in speeds. Behind this is a backdoor dry cold front that quickly passes through on Sunday and another Texarkanas High wedges its way into the area- very similar to Friday's forecast with perhaps a little less potential. Monday, the High pushes across the Gulf States and bends the wind field NE/ENE again. Speeds will be dependent on how much the gradients tighten down overhead. Now if that is confusing, then please tell Billy Bosch to translate it.
WATER TEMP: 71° -72° along deeper shelf waters, 73 - 76 in the shallows.
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Old 01-15-2015, 10:42 PM
fsukiteboarding fsukiteboarding is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 54

Winds are still looking good (18-20 mph NE-->E) for Saturday morning meet at 9-930 at the Keys Cable or 10 am over at the at Veterans Beach ( We will start with freestyle and then try for a course race.
Saturday night meet back over at the cable for a bonfire and band, we will have to wait a couple hours till all the skeeters go away.
Sunday meet at the cable, around 9ish for the contest.
If you want to stick around Monday, there looks to be even more wind and we can checkout some other locations to ride at.
Don't forget to sign up on the pass to pay for the cable and camping!
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Old 04-19-2015, 06:19 PM
fsukiteboarding fsukiteboarding is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 54

Event edit here, enjoy!
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