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Old 05-27-2008, 01:21 PM
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Default Accident at Matheson Hammock 5-26-08

I was kiting at Matheson way upwind yesterday. I was on an 8m and twin tip powered. I missed the accident that happened, but from what I heard, the rider was very lucky not to have been severly injured. It would be great if eye witnesses could post more information for us all to learn from this.

This is what I heard, whether it is fact is unsubstantiated at this point. Rider was launching in on shore winds. Winds were maybe 5 degrees from the right. The winds were gusty (NE at Matheson is gusty) and about 20 mph average. After launching, the kite looped and dragged the rider up the nasty rock "beach" (the beach has degraded down to the sharp limestone parking lot fill that is slowing eroding into the lagoon) and nearly into one of the parking blocks. The kite crashed into the parking lot, but relaunched... I hear that there might have been a bridle wrapped around a wingtip. It also sounds as though the rider did not use the quick release to get rid of the kite.

I hope that whoever it was is not too badly injured and that he has a speedy recovery. Thanks for anyone that posts with more information.

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Old 05-27-2008, 01:29 PM
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THAT, is Scary!

people have to be ready, and not afraid, to activate their release systems instantly, especially on launching

Btw Todd, thats impressive , you were on an 8m in only 20kts
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Old 05-29-2008, 09:12 AM
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Todd, I was the second guy out that day at around 7 30 am, the incident happened around 11 am, the guy was only about 160 lbs and was trying to launch a 13m flat kite on nearly on shore winds, more experienced guys were coming back in for 9's and 10's. He seemed to be lined up correctly and I didn't see any wingtip tangle, I think it was just bad kite handling, the kite only got up about 15 feet and flopped over hard into the parking lot, and began to loop out of control. I ducked behind the first line of cars to save myself, it slammed down hard behind me but since it was still early the second line of cars had not filled in yet and did not hit anyone. The lines almost cut another kiters right ear off, by the time he got dragged up to the parking blocks he realized he should do something and let go if his bar and unhooked, I think he was about to let the kite go, when two other guys grabbed hold of him and prevented him from going into the cars. He packed up and left with a bloody right arm. Later I had to tell several other guys that they were lined up way to upwind and got them launched safely and then got the hell out of there. That is why I go early.

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Old 05-29-2008, 01:11 PM
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Thanks for posting this Todd and supplying the additional info JP. It sounds like it might have even involved improperly attached or crossed kite lines. Does anyone have any info on this possibility? Glad he came through more or less OK. The outcome could have been much worse.

p.s. - the ear thing is an excellent reason not to ride too close to and upwind of others particularly in waves. It is possible in such circumstances to lose more than control.
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