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Old 02-03-2010, 06:49 PM
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Default NEW - 60 Mi Central Florida Open Ocean Charity DownWinder

Just got this in from AJ with

Last year's race

"2010 Central Florida Open Ocean DownWinder

Kitetricity Kiteboarding, VooDoo Kiteboarding, along with Cancer Care Centers and Foundation of Melbourne will have the 2nd annual "Central Florida Open Ocean DownWinder" which will be held on either the 20th, 21st of February, with back-up dates of the 27th, 28th of February, or the 6th, 7th of March. The Event/Race will cover 60 miles of the East Coast of Florida, starting at Cocoa Beach and ending at Vero Beach, or vise versa, depending on the wind direction.

Brand New this year will be a 30 mile downwinder for those who think that they can not make it the whole 60 miles. The half-way point for that event/race will be at a place called Sebastian Beach Inn Restaurant (S.B.I) 7035 S. Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach, 321-728-4311. S.B.I is half-way from both directions, coming down from the north, or coming up from the south.

There will be a 72, 48, 36 hour "heads-up notice" prior to the Event/Race per the Wind. If the Event/Race starts at Cocoa Beach, it will start at a place called "Cheri Down City Park" (corner of Washington and Ridgewood Ave, Cape Canaveral), which is where we started last year. If the Event/Race starts from the Vero Beach end, then it will start at South Beach Access at the end of East Causeway Blvd (17th Street Bridge).

We are working on getting a 15 passenger van or something of that size to transport Kiteboarders and gear to the "Start Line". If this does come together, then Kiteboarders will meet at the "Finish Line" to be transported up to the "Start Line". We are also hoping that "Support Teams" (i.e., parents, friends, kite companies, etc) will be traveling A1A for any Kiteboarding support. The Passenger Van will be limited to gear and number of Kiters, and it will be a $5.00 fee per Kiter. So choose Your gear wisely before you get onboard the Van, it will be a "One-Way" trip ONLY. First come, First serve, unless We have a reason for two vans, just contact us so we can get a head count.

This is an EVENT/RACE, but it will not be that hard to figure out "How to Do it". Just go very FAST along the Shoreline, and avoid the two piers and one inlet. You must stay offshore at least 100 YARDS to be SAFE of the Life Guard Stations… PLEASE… There are only 9 on the 60 mile downwinder, so be COOL, and stay out of the "SWIM ZONE"...

On Event/Race Day, there will be a Skipper's Meeting 30 minutes before the Start, MANDATORY.. There will be a $40.00 Race Fee for All Kiteboarders. We will collect that the day of the Event/Race, prior to the Skipper's Meeting. We do have Clearance to Cross in Front of Patrick Air Force Base again this Year, but it will be a very small window, so try and get across that "Air Space" as soon as possible.

Kitetricity Kiteboarding and VooDoo Kiteboarding wants everyone to know, that if you do this Event/Race, You will be responsible for anything that happens to You and Your gear. This event is for FUN Only, and if you are not up to 60 miles in Open Ocean Conditions, then you should at least try the 30 mile part of the event. We are looking for Help for this event, if you just want to be part of history, and don't think you can make the DownWinder….Contact Us if you want to Help, We can use you...

This Event/Race will have a 1st, 2nd, 3th place finish for Men...(60 mile downwinder)
1st, 2nd, 3th place for Women..(60 mile downwinder)
1st Place for Master's..(45 years and older, 60 mile downwinder)

1st Place for 20 year old or younger..(30 mile downwinder)
1st Place for Woman..(30 mile downwinder)
1st Place for Master's..(45 years and older, 30 mile downwinder)

Schedule for the Event/Race Day..Loading for Transportation starts at 7:30 til 8:15...Transportation Leaves at 8:15… SHARP!
9:15 til 10:00 Reservation
10:00 til 10:30 Mandatory Skipper's Meeting
10:30 til 11:00 Getting Ready for the Race
11:00 Race is ON, if the Wind is Good...(15mph plus)

After the Event/Race is over, there will be a Trophy presentation at S.B.I. 7035 S. Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach, 321-728-4311..So enjoy the Food and Spirits until the "Rescue Team" has finished the Race..(A.J.Morgan, Scott Polera, and anyone else that wants to just come with us and enjoy the ride, instead of Racing, can but we will be moving as fast as possible also..)

There will be a Pre-Party Event at Sand on the Beach Bar and Grill at 1005 Atlantic St, Melbourne Bch FL 321-327-8951 the night before the Event/Race..We will be shooting for the 19th of February around 7ish...

A.J. Morgan

P.S. We are looking for any Sponsor’s to donate any “Swag” to the Event/Race, (i.e. t-shirts, hoodies, kite gear, board bags, magazines, etc) to be presented to the Riders at the Trophy Presentation…

Reigning Champ from last year is Sean Reyngoudt, who did it in 2 hours and 18 minutes... VDK"

Photos from last years unique race at:

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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Old 02-04-2010, 08:27 PM
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We would like to go ahead and start Thanking some of the Event/Race Sponsors:

Cabrinha Kites
Crazy-Fly Boards
Epic Kites
Freak Dog/Caution Kites
GK/Litewave Boards
Kitetricity Kiteboarding
KiteWorld Magz.
Melbourne Cancer Foundation
Nobile Kite Gear
VooDoo Kiteboarding

We are hoping for MORE to come onboard with this Event/Race...So put the word out to ALL your Sponsors, and tell Them to come on, and be part of History making again..
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Old 02-07-2010, 03:59 PM
kitebdr1962 kitebdr1962 is offline
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We posted that We were going to "try" and see if We could get a passenger van or something like that, to transport Riders and Gear to the "Start Line"...We are asking if Those who are interested would please respond to this post by Friday the 12th. So We can get a head count, and see if it is worth Our time even to get anything at all, are to just let the Riders fin for themselves...For Us to even get anything at all, it is going to cost at least $100.00 or more, and the Rider Fee would still be $5.00. We need to get at least 20 confirmed riders, anything less, We will have to charge $10 to $15 a head, to cover the cost of the Ride...We are very open to any idea's, if you have some, are We can just keep it very simple, and just let each Rider take care of Himself/Herself during Event/Race day....
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Old 02-08-2010, 05:11 PM
kitebdr1962 kitebdr1962 is offline
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We just rec'vd a phone call from one of the Florida's Windsurfing Clubs..They asked if They could be part of this Event/Race...By ALL means, everyone is invited to join in this Once in a Lifetime Event/Race for some, or a repeat of trying to "Hold Their Crown" for others...Come One, Come ALL..We just finished having the T-Shirts printed, and They will be for sale at the event for $10.00...
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Old 02-08-2010, 08:01 PM
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Default Lets do this!

I'm new to kiteboarding in the sunshine state. I'm training everyday possible to promote this sport and this race. I have barely enough money to suport my own but I do have transportation for 6 with gear leaving from pinellas. It might be a little tight with 6 but its all about the experience. I'm no stranger to the operations of downwinders and want to help as much as possible for this event. So to anyone who it may consern.... Car pooling, ect. Give me a call 7275045456 Aaron
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Old 02-08-2010, 09:31 PM
kitebdr1962 kitebdr1962 is offline
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Hey finkeeler...We are very glad to hear that you and your gang are coming over for the Event/Race..If you have people who want to come, and can not kite, then We can use Them as Volunters at the Event/Race...There will be a Pre-Party and We will give out the jobs then...Mainly looking for Help at each of the Finish Lines..i.e..keeping time, writing down the riders numbers as they come in, landing kites, etc..Be sure to pass the word around, this is going to be a VERY BIG EVENT/RACE...
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Old 02-09-2010, 05:13 PM
kent kent is offline
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ok, so who's going?

From Miami we have:

Josh Noe
Todd Greaux
Bryan S.

Probably a few more...
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Old 02-11-2010, 10:49 AM
kitebdr1962 kitebdr1962 is offline
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Hey Kent, Thanks for posting about you guys coming up to the Event/Race. We are hearing thru the "grapevine" that the energy is high, and that the Event/Race is going to have double, if not triple, the riders this year. So you better get ready for some fast times this year. I am concerned that I did not see any women on your list, not good. I am hoping to see more than one, which is all We had last year. We do have a Womens division this year again, so come on ladies, show Us men how it is done.
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Old 02-12-2010, 09:04 PM
kitebdr1962 kitebdr1962 is offline
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Okay, all is set for next weekend, if the winds come in. We just finished up with all the Trophys, and here is the order of Finishing:

1st place Mens Overall 60 Miles
2nd place Mens Overall 60 Miles
3rd place Mens Overall 60 Miles

1st place Masters Overall 60 Miles. (45 years and up)

1st place Woman Overall 60 Miles

1st place 30 Miles
1st place Master 30 Miles (45 years and up)
1st place Woman 30 Miles
1st place Junior 30 Miles

BTW, There will be NO Transportation offered for this Event/Race. No one asked for it, so We just cancealed it for this Event. Maybe next year.
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Old 02-13-2010, 12:01 PM
kitebdr1962 kitebdr1962 is offline
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I know that everyone is looking forward to this Event/Race, and y'all have no idea how much I am too, since I did not even make it all the way last am having a very small problem, but I know with all the people coming, that this small problem will be taken care of...I need Volunteer's..I am looking for at least 8 people, and these people will be given jobs to do at the Event/Race...i.e, keeping time, help land kites, collect money from the kiteboarders for the Event/Race and for T-shirts, etc..I will need 4 people at the 30 mile finish, and 4 people at the 60 mile finish..Any help afterwards at the Trophy Presentation would be helpful too..
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