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Old 08-31-2011, 11:32 AM
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Default Cory Roeseler and the Kiteski

A video clip of Cory Roeseler in the Gorge in 1987 on his kiteski along with later video from Maui.

Cory Roeseler with the Kiteski Dusoski (combos) Photo: Marco van Es

Back in the Day, not just any old day either, The Day, there were innovators. Sort of like today only a bit different, as there was no great following, real direction or global impetus. They were the original elves cutting their own path in Santa's T&E toy shop at the North Pole or in this case, the Gorge.

So, let's pickup with Cory Roeseler and his concept (and that of his father William), Kiteski.

(Click thumbnails for full sized images)

Patent Abstract

A wind powered system utilizes a free-flying airfoil tethered to a conveyance device such as a water ski, a skegged hull slab or a wheeled land vehicle which either defines or inherently has tracking means defining a preferred traverse vector across an underlying surface. The tractive force of the airfoil is applied at the center of lateral resistance of the conveyance device such that there is no destabilizing moment caused by the airfoil, thereby removing an artificial limit on the sail area that is imposed upon fixed mast sailing craft. A control bar provides a mount for a tether reel which enables the conveyance device, when same is a kite, to be launched from the water without requiring the assistance of a boat.

Patent number: 5366182
Filing date: Nov 30, 1993
Issue date: Nov 22, 1994
Inventors: William G. Roeseler, Cory Roeseler
Primary Examiner: Anne E. Bidwell

You can read the rest of the patent at:

Above three images from:

Cory at 18 years old challenges the world speedsailing record in Johnnie Walker International Speed Sailing Trials at Portland Harbor, Dorset, England in 1988.

I remember seeing one of these in a Toyota Truck TV commercial in the early 1990's. I think Cory was booking along dead downwind in the shallows a few feet off the beach and free wheeling truck. He had this massive arch shaped bar in his hands. It was entirely crescent shaped and didn't resemble anything in this writeup, secret prototype, shhh.

Cory Roeseler in front loop, Photo: Michael Hildreth
Love that control bar! I took one of these out to my first trip to Maui (a loaner from F One USA's Raphael) along with Trip Forman's old 5 m Wipika two line kite. Hung Vu had come up with an inventive way to attach a kite leash to this thing (no depower, whoops). So I took the parts along to put one of those together too. Good news is the wind was so strong, the "kite bar built like a Schwin" stayed in my suitcase (along with the 5 m). Good thing, I would have felt terrible if the bar dragged by a runaway kite in 45 mph winds decapitate the top of Haleakala or something.

Richard Kummeth water starts Photo: Uta Kummeth
Water launching had a different meaning back then, remember NO emergency depowering! Hey, it just hit me, Nuclear Gorge winds and NO WAY to kill the power in an emergency!? YOW, there must have been some real interesting sessions back then. Came real close to buying one of these from Scott up in Valkerie, FL years back. Was already collecting way too much kite junk. I was on the search for the Holy Grail of Florida Summer Kiting gear, a light wind kite (which didn't exist, hadn't figured that out yet), so I passed.

Taking on a tow using a Airchair foil behind Cory on a Kiteski in the mid 1990's

Cory was and STILL is the man based upon recent speed kiting results. Have fun out there and thanks for all of those great sessions we have had in your wake. Anyone out there try a Kiteski before? How was it?

Cory Roeseler Photo: Michael Hildreth

Ride on

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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