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Old 08-11-2016, 10:51 AM
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Default Cabrinha Kiteboarding, The Early Days

I was trying to remember when Cabrinha first started to manufacture kites and decided to do some digging on the Egroups kitesurf list to see what I could find. Here is the press release:

here is a nice historical overview of some of the developments from Cabrinha Kiteboarding over the years:

"Cabrinha Story & History
Cabrinha first learned about bow kites from the original patent holder, Bruno Legaineaux, who was trying to sell his concept to all brands. Where many industry people felt that the odd shape and bar pressure were a death nail to the product, Pete saw the first kite design ever that had enough depower during normal use to be able actually surf while using a kite. Cabrinha took a license and designed the Crossbow, despite it's strong position in the market with classic "C" kites, and the rest is history.

The list of innovations is quite long, so here are a few of the notables:
RECON was the first kite technology that allowed total depower, relaunch assist, and easy recovery/reset all in a classic "C" kite.
Cabrinha was the first to design a kite within the Bow kite framework. The Crossbow was so successful that it led to the development of the Switchblade shortly after.
Along with the Bow kite, Cabrinha introduced Depower On Demand. This is often difficult to explain, but essentially it is providing enough depower in the normal travel of the bar that is serves as the 1st stage of security in our kites. Other brands have limited depower that will require the use of a quick release more often for security purposes. That means you have a total shut down event and the potential to have to reset a security system on the water when simply pushing the bar away on a Cabrinha will get the job done in many cases.
Cabrinha eliminated hanging the front flying lines off of pulleys with Bridle Guides. Cabrinha's Bridle Guides are made of stainless steel and eliminate the chances of a pulley failing in that critical position on the bridle
Cabrinha first launched the Airlock Valve. The Airlock Valve, introduced in 2002, uses an oversizes valve that connects to the end of the pump for high volume inflation. When fully unscrewed, air in the bladder deflates rapidly and completely in seconds making inflation and deflation much more convenient.
Cabrinha first launched a control bar with integrated foam floats, rather than goofy looking external floats that sit high off of the bar ends. Our soft EVA bar ends not only float the bar and eliminate the clutter, but they also don't give you a black eye when you bump up against the bar.
Cabrinha was the first and still the only brand to offer a control system that has all control lines plus leash line spinning independently of each other. That's the leash, rear control lines, front control lines, and landing line that all spin independently.
Cabrinha was the first company to use a tube through the control bar that houses all lines necessary for the control system. This eliminates the clutter of multiple lines going through the bar, and reduces line wear.
Cabrinha launched the Sync, the first adjustable binding that fit any 6" hole pattern twin tip. The Sync was a revolutionary product that has changed the way we all look at the connection between foot and board.
Recoil, part of our trimming system, is the first non-stopper system that keeps the bar close enough to your body to easily unspin your lines while, when letting go of the bar, progressively allows the bar to move further up the depower main line depending on the strength of the wind in the kite offering depower on demand. This unique system does not override the security system such as found on many other products in the market."

Neil Pryde has additional information in his book, "Will to Win"

I recall Pete Cabrinha first started with the manufacture of directional kiteboards on Maui before joining with Neil Pryde. Things have come a very long way, congratulations and well done!

Some of Pete's early logo's

p.s. - things have been left out, if you have photos, constructive facts to add on the early history, mile marks, etc., please do.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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