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Old 06-24-2010, 08:26 AM
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Default Resolution, Commission Meeting Summary

This just in:

"Hello kiters, At today's County Commission meeting the Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the new regulations for kiteboarding under the Beach Park Prohibitions Ordinance. The wording that was presented to them and is now our regulation is

(i) Persons engaging in kiteboarding shall launch and land the associated kites no closer than 200 feet from a swim area designated by buoys. Pedestrians and swimmers shall ahve the right -of-way.

That is it.

Our agreement with the Superintendent of Parks, Rob LaDue and the Director of Natural Areas for the Parks Department, Jerris Foote, is that we will keep our kites at ground level on the beaches during nesting season which is officially from February to August but as in this year sometimes comes as late as April when it is particularly cold weather.

The Commissioners who voted for these regulations commended us for our organization and approach to the proposed ban and thanked us for working with them and with County Staff Members to achieve a great outcome for all of us.

I cannot personally thank all of you enough for your support and for making this outcome possible by doing the good job that we have done in helping build the track record that we have. Every one of us has to take credit for this and I think that we will all take personal responsibility more seriously than ever.

We have established ourselves as a reasonable and responsible Beach Park user group. As you may have read in the Herald Tribune on Wednesday morning or have noticed effects on the beaches of late; there is a garbage management problem that is out of control on the public beaches and accesses. I am going to follow up with the Parks Department this week to find out just what is planned. Apparently the number and placement of garbage cans has been severely limited by Parks Staff in an effort to cut operating costs and in an effort to influence beach goers to pack out all of the trash that they bring to the beach. The crowd is not cooperating and the beach is becoming littered with garbage routinely.

The newspaper had full coverage of the mess and stated that the Parks Department's hope for this change in pick up and can availability is that beach goers will get with the program and take their trash with them. Personally, I do not think that this will ever work; but it certainly isn't working yet and it is making a helluva mess at our beaches.

Commissioner Bartilotta (spelling?) stated a month or so ago when he addressed the Lido Beach Association of residents that this was temporary and was going to be remedied. I don't know yet what the real story is BUT, we (the Sarasota Kiteboarders' Coaliiton are planning a garbage pick up mission on Sunday evening. Anyone who is interested in participating please show up at one of the following 3 venues------------- North Lido Beach most northern lifeguard station at 7p.m. Siesta Public Beach at the most northern end of the public beach parking lot at 6p.m. or Turtle Beach paring lot at the corner, by the showers near the playground area.

IF you are interested in participating please let us know with an e-mail. We will be handing out garbage bags and stating the problem and the solution to beach goers as they come to or leave the beach. Hopefully the parks dept will donate some bags. The plan is to do this every Sunday evening for the next few weeks, particularly be organized and going for it 4th of July weekend: get information about what the plan is to solve the problem, find out what the timetable is for this plan and in the meantime have a
proactive impact on the negative effect that the cutback is having (trash all over everywhere) and get ourselves out there to work on solving the problem and show our commitment to exemplary stewardship of our beach parks.

We can only hope that this is the hardest task we will be faced with not an oil spill cleanup or defensive action. BUT, let's continue to get organized and work together to get some things done that will help us to continue to define ourselves as part of a solution rather than part of any problem.

Please rsvp with which of the three sites you will go to and the number of people who will be with you, friends, family members etc. If you stay until all of the trash you find in a given area is bagged or if you bag all that you see, please give a detailed report of how many bags were filled and left by the garbage can area and how many people you talked to about the problem and the solution. Hopefully you will have full information and maybe something in print, to work with.

Thanks a lot to Rob Hassle for coming up with a great idea, Liz Kasper for taking on Turtle Beach and Jarred Heiting for being the first to sign on for Siesta Key. With a good and growing group out there on Sunday we can probably get the public, the media, the parks department, the commisisoners and anyone else who cares taking part in a good thing where citizens make a difference and support the guys whos job it is to make this a great place for us to live. If it takes time or ideas or a total rethinking of this plan, let's get in there and clean up this mess in the meantime.

Thanks a million times over for all of your dedication, patience and perseverance in getting us to where we are today.

Laurel Kaiser
Sarasota Kiteboarders' Coalition
Founder/Volunteer Organizer"

Congratulations and well done!

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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